Bicycle Skirt Guard Crochet Pattern Giveaway

skirtguardimage: JustDo


As you know I love finding new blogs to ‘collect’ as I am looking for giveaways to post. Today I found a lovely one! Just Do by Dorian is a beautiful blog! And she is quite and excellent designer!! If you like colorful, beautiful crochet patterns I urge you to check out her site!

It so happens that she is holding a little giveaway for a new pattern she wrote! Who wouldn’t want to cover their bicycle in beautiful crochet?! This would make me ride my bike more, but I don’t know if I would ride it in a skirt!

Dorian is giving away a copy of her skirt guard pattern.

Click here to enjoy her blog and enter for a chance to win the pattern!

This giveaway ends at the end of April!


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