Checkout 51 New Cash Back Program

Checkout 51

I like to save money for my stash enhancement, by not only saving money on my actual yarn purchases but saving money on my other purchases. So I use a variety of grocery savings tools. I would like to share them with you over the next couple of weeks and today I will start with the newest one in the bunch!

Checkout 51 is a great new Cash Back program that’s just been introduced.  You can receive cash back by purchasing select qualifying items AT ANY STORE!!


Offers run Thursday – Wednesday.  Check the list and make your purchases. Then submit a photo of your receipt, and the offer is deposited in your account. Once you hit  $20 they will send you a check!

I have used this at big box stores, chain stores, and my local little market, and it works for all of them!! While most offers are for brand name items, there are offers for general items like milk, oranges etc..

The other nice thing is this is available in the US, and Canada!

So.. how do you save on groceries? I am always looking for new tips!

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