Save on Saturday! 52 week savings plan!

Save-Money2The best way to save money, is.. well to actually SAVE money right?

I’ve seen this all over the web, the 52 week savings plan! You start on week one of the year, pop in a dollar, the next week $2, next week $3 and so on. Pretty painless right?

It seems like a nice way to save up for Christmas to me! I think I am going to try it out!

Who else is in?

I’m hoping to start a WIP Wednesday, to check in on two things.. our crafty projects in progress, AND how we are doing on saving! So look for that on Wednesday!


I have seen this handy chart all over the web, not sure who originated it, but I thought I would pop it up for you. I like a nice little checklist! You should be able to right click on the image and print it! Or you can just search 52 week savings plan chart and there are a bunch of printable versions out there!

Saving Schedule
Next week we will look at items to stock up on in January to save money later on!



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