Scarves in the Round Giveaway


Craft Gossip is giving away a copy of the new book Scarves in the Round. Pick up your circular needles an knit some colorful and fun scarves!!

The giveaway ends on August 9, 2015

Click here to enter the Scarves in the Round Giveaway.

Good luck as always and happy scarf knitting!


2 Responses to “Scarves in the Round Giveaway”

  1. you know, the only reason I don’t enter their contests for knitting books or knit related items is because they do not seem to give them away. If you look at the site, all the other editors (except the knitting editor) list the names of the winners…. I am not sure why the knitting editor doesn’t list the winners names or do the drawings when she says she is going to, but it rather leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    If you watch this giveaway, like the others, no winner will be listed.

    I am just putting this out there because 1) I hope I am wrong about this and it is just a fluke… and 2) you have the best giveaways, all of which always seem to be legitimate.

    • I am sure it is just an oversight, you could try contacting them directly as I have no real connection to them, just posting giveaways I find on the web.

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